There’s something special about the dawn, some tranquil serenity that is short-lived by the hindrance of light. There is a stillness that’s soothing and the promise of a new day allows retrospect, like another chance at doing it all over again. All too soon the chaos of light takes the sombre moment and a cock crows at dawn.

Dawn is about to break for we are at the end of one year and another one is tomorrow, the cycle connotes the earth’s revolution around the centre of the solar system. And for us it represents renewal, a certain opportunity poses itself for striving addicts and habitual offenders to come up with new resolutions, we all have them, those things that seemingly makes us better,  for we are better indeed and we showcased this evolution in an array of competitive sport this year. We are better now.

We lost Whitney in a bath-tub and John Coffey made it down the Green-mile. We have new world records for cycling, swimming and the legend of Bolt began. Sweeping through in October was Sandy, with Preliminary estimates of losses due to damage and business interruption estimated at $65.6 billion (2012 USD), which would make it the second-costliest Atlantic hurricane, behind only Hurricane Katrina. At least 253 people were killed along the path of the storm in seven countries.  We got Diablo 3, and the concept of Face-palm was embraced. The Face-palm Emoticon is m( with M( also being valid. Hash-tags found a place in our vocabulary this year and previously known acronyms have varying meanings now, why come up with a band/group name, take an known acronym and modify it; “LMFAO” is a common Internet slang abbreviation for “Laughing My Fucking Ass Off“, in this case it is said by Hollywood Reporter to stand for “Laughing My Freaking Ass Off” (as the U.S. Trademark Office would not allow them to trademark a name containing the word “fucking”) or according to the BBC, “Loving My Friends And Others”. Now why didn’t I think of that, if didn’t occur to me that LMFAO could connote such nicety’s, oh and the BBC left Bush House this year too.

We had Hunger Games and Sky Fall, and then once in a while something extra-ordinarily stupid comes to light and charges us with such fascination that we are compelled to move in grotesque gestures. Oppan Gangnam style became somewhat of a nuisance, from ringtones to clock chimes, an anthem it was I tell you, half of us don’t even get what the dudes on about but we saddle our imaginary horses and sing along, it’s refreshing though, not some ‘cotton eye joe’ or ‘Macarena’ with complex dance routines, this is just simple, reach out and touch. I am number 1,089,995,199 to have seen the video online.

On the local scene, well nothing really new, private jet ownership has gone up, with ‘men of God’ added to the club of Gulf Stream owners. Well we do have an increasing rate of air tragedies in the country this year, would be comforting to know there are prayer warriors in the skies too. Kidnappers stepped up their game, gone for prominent figures now, if only they demanded for some positive change, as opposed to money, I’m true to type a Nigerian; we see opportunities in the oddest of places. Some of us are looking forward to #Occupy in the first week again.

I’m looking forward to fireworks and the oneness that time of year brings, when counting down unites us all, well here we all congregate, like vampires scampering around for a hiding/resting place before the coming of the ‘terrible dawn’ . We dart to the church house and find the nearest congregation and align ourselves before the turn of a new dawn.  After all the beginning signifies a lot, it’s imperative to start on a certain note, with certain notes of commerce.

Pop the corks and blow something up, Happy New-year!!!


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