Mediocre Morals

Poverty is a state of mind; this void is a manifestation of preconceived notions of societal acceptance. For we are not poor, but poor of mind, poor in our hearts and paupers of the soul, a cocktail of borrowed doctrines and a dash of greed. My fellow sane Nigerians when will this virus be vaccinated, for generations we have embraced this poverty and bequeathed onto our children this same ailment. The meaningless gestures of pressing palms when thy neighbour stalks with envy, the hypocritical answer to every well-being question – “We dey manage, na God”. When in truth your cup overflows, – thou prepareth a table for me in front of thy enemies (for why). Surely wealth is godless, when you lie about progress in the shade of fear. When you can’t tell anyone your travel plans for fear of evil, we are indeed poor, for all our wealth cannot buy freedom, the simple expression of ones being in its purest state.

My 14year old cousin would do anything for a blackberry phone, my unemployed friend adorns himself with a Rolex watch, my mechanic has gold teeth, my barber drives a Land Rover (3). Call it misplaced priorities, I call it poverty of the mind. How do u explain a student with multiple phone numbers, when asked how they maintain such a lifestyle, the answer is as above – “We dey manage, na God”. Then society accepts this and heralds our misfits (your daughter comes home with N100k hair extensions and you compliment her – God is watching you), hence making them role models for the next generation. Ask a Nigerian minor what they want for their birthday present and I bet you can’t afford it. Ask your colleague how he can afford his lifestyle on a salary you barely survive on and the answer is – well you know it….its Jesus. Money is our God and corruption is our church, when a Christ-like person sees it fit to fly private and build universities that the congregation can’t afford, then the onus is on you to spread the gospel, speak a language only you can understand and encourage others to do the same. Tax these church houses and see what revenue comes to the coffers, money laundering fear mongers (where does your own 10% go to?). You know the socio-economic state of our great nation and your flier reads “Your miracle awaits you, year of abundance and breakthrough” – God is watching you! I’m not the semi-righteous Fela incarnate, I’m just at odds with this sanity.

Our poverty is embedded in our every deed, our greed supersedes reason, people order food they can’t eat, luxuries they can’t relate to (I know someone with 2 Television sets in their living room, on at the same time, beside each other – and I’m the mad one), gadgets that are redundant (what does the bb Porsche do? And what is the actual function of an ipad? – that your average phone can’t do) worse still memberships with no logic (you no like horse, you join polo club/ you join boat club with canoe – God is watching you), actions without justification (you use Helicopter from Ikeja to VI, but u follow Giditraffic on twitter – God is watching you) Have we ever asked ourselves what happens to the live-in house-help when all the kids are grown? When their development was stunted for the sake of hot breakfasts and sparkling bathtubs, when your 3yr old start to dance Azonto, you go say na your (illiterate) house girl give am winch chop. When the kids they taught to walk and talk have degrees, they are still reffered to as “the help” (but on Sunday you go all churchus and justify your evil with the meagre wages you bought the prime of her life with –God is watching you). We all looked on apartheid with disdain, considered racism petty but we took from our colonials what we fought against – a class system.

There is something wrong with the way we think, something very wrong with our approach to ourselves, in a country where religion is the fabric of our constitution. Evil is guest, what other definition is there for unexplained wealth, how can we fight corruption when we can’t ask our friends (without visible source income) how they came about the BMW X6. In search of inspiration and mentorship I look to the accomplished to piece together how they came about their wealth, as a prerequisite to success myself,  after-all success brags in biographies these days, truth is can’t find it, or you mean to tell me the Eleganza fortune was founded on the sale of buttons? Or it’s the rice and sugar that made Aluko the richest in Africa? And there it is; I have succumbed to the quest for wealth when indeed I am poor, poor of mind, poor in my soul and pauper of the heart. Indeed my state of mind has never been in question – see blog title!

Who dey pay me for this work sef.


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