All of us, in our semi-righteous state hide behind something, be it the socially accepted being or alter ego we create, be it the mask we put on or the mask we wear literally (Lagbaja), there is some difference in our true form and what society dictates as acceptable. This struggle has led to various revelations in the past that bewilder the upper standing citizens amongst us, when a pastor is caught with his pants down (literally) and a member of the house of representatives is filmed stuffing money in his hat, we are again reminded that the best of us struggle with what we portray and what is real. There is however some interface between our ‘avatars’ and our ‘true’ self’s, some link that makes it seem all so real. It is usually embedded in history, we are reminded of the persons persistent mannerism towards a certain vice, so when the President of the United States of America is caught in some indecent (sexual) act in the Oval office, we can look back and see the marijuana smoking student of Yale. Whence there is smoke there is usually fire lurking, so if it looks like R.Kelly and a minor, it probably was the pied piper and Aaliyah, if it sounds like Tonto Dike on crack, then it probably has ‘high’ as the song title. Point is why bother with the hassle of being ‘Politically Correct’ when eventually it is revealed as being a farce. Britney didn’t have to tell us she was a virgin, Hannah Montana didn’t have to be all PC then pose for playboy eventually. At least let your avatar resemble your true being, be like Jim Iyke, always in character or maybe that’s just him. If you are disgruntled over a lost election and wish to use your village as nesting ground for Islamic fundamental terrorist then please don’t parade yourself as a decent person. It adds deception to the already long list of names we can call you, be disciplined in your ways, declare ‘war against indiscipline’ and embrace honesty in expressions and of being.

Mallam in the apex bank, take heed, lest you make it a pre-requisite for kisses to ensue before board meetings in all other financial establishments. All well and good but keep it civil, lest the consequence of adultery cut across sexes and allow for the stones to be hailed on BOTH parties. If be it 14yrs for same sex amorous interaction, then be it 10yrs for adulterers regardless of age, sex and religion – Alas the avatar comes off.

As some use their backyards as terrorist camps, others are shamed in theirs, at least support is evident in the former. The self proclaimed Port Harcourt Boy has in his own habitat given the finger, how else can it be explained that a serving officer, in the same political party and of this same heritage chooses to run you out of office when you still have a term to vie for. Your avatar is getting close to your true self, for in your brand of politics comes an aggressiveness not akin to your gentlemanly character of mild demeanor and good luck disposition. There it is, democracy without the democrat, for be it votes that count then be it votes that count! As the saying goes, may the best man win, not the lucky one surely. Surely a single 6yr term would seem apt for such a person of lucky disposition, it would however make the supposed recipient, the luckiest longest serving democratically elected servant in the history of Nigeria. – Take off that mask, or else someone will take it off for you and we would find a video of you in Aso rock running around in female clothing doing indecent (sexual) things with a bottle of blue label.

Our Avatar is our hope, that being that keeps us safe from being the misfit, the one with issues and that one that is maladjusted, it is our very own creation of the things we herald and value, represented by our gestures, mannerisms and speech. In essence it is what we project ourselves to be, but every so often the interface fails and we see the projector. Two adult male idiots of British Citizenry (of Nigerian decent) expressed themselves in very barbaric ways, by brutally murdering an adult male of British Citizenry (of British decent), this however is not a coming out of the closet moment for fanatics, its not an avatar disconnecting gesture, that act of victimizing an unaware person is riddled with cowardice and a tinge of madness, for belief is the basis for ones reality. Hence the plenty virgins story.

In a bid to spread the ‘gospel’ let the message be to take off your mask, disconnect from your avatar and free yourself from the burden of righteousness for in you lies true democracy, where honesty prevails over reason and purity over logic. Arise oh compatriots! release yourselves from burden of clothes, the awkward nature of politeness, let us embrace our true selves and worship whatever it is we deem fit, have intercourse with whatever we feel attracted to and in our spare time do the things that are true to our being, not our pastor’s or our mentor’s, not our father’s or our mother’s, just that voice inside you that beckons you to dance in the rain – for that is the voice of God.


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