The Cake

It is said in some parts that demand is fueled by need, while some see the relevance in caution others do not. While some enjoy the fine pleasures of three wheelers others ‘need’ bulletproof vehicles, it is really a sordid affair- security in these parts. People get robbed in daylight with no recourse to the cloak of night, bullets rain, and words pelted – a sordid affair I tell you. Need justifies reason, hence cost is secondary in the logic, she needs protection from the ghost of the faithfully departed whom fell from the sky on flights.. Allow her some grace, for her dreams cannot be bulletproof.

From whence time was not recorded (properly at least) certain attributes have always been attached to the ‘lesser’ sex, it seemed plausible to blame a mans shortcomings on his ‘helper’, for she was manifested from his rib and made subordinate to his whim. It put her in a place where blame, treachery and deceit became attributes. She ate the apple and requested a head, she told his secret and shaved his head, she even made a king start his own church and when you think you’ve seen it all, she commits a graver atrocity – she snatches the microphone from Rotimi Amaechi, in mid speech, in a pubic gathering, to the ridicule of the man and to the detriment of her husband. It is a sordid affair really, the irony of it all, those with little or no relevance seek relevance whilst those with high relevance, well seek the bottle. Wine, women and politics don’t mix, the likes of King George, King – what’s his name (John the Baptist slayer) and Sanni Abacha attest to this, and they were dealing with literate women.

The winds are finally changing; the sweet freshness of the rains gives way for a dry northeasterly wind, aka harmattan. It is likely to bring with it numerous changes, the way we dress to skin care, the hydration techniques and voting patterns will come to some review, for governors are switching parties and umbrella’s are replaced by brooms. – Strange times we are, strange times.

Strange indeed, for normalcy has become relative and standards have no bearing on rigidity. These standards that hold morality in high esteem also applaud Flavor for his MBGN conquest, they gave Adams a taller (beautiful) wife and blessed me in recent time with awareness that Eve was not cajoled into eating that apple – she was hungry. She just deceived us to thinking she was deceived, she made the rules and dictated that gender roles, the hide behind the façade of being a ‘weaker’ sex. Oh but you cant call her that, its not PC to do so, she has equal rights, on the field, at the office, in the bedroom but just not to take the trash out. All you foreign ideologist seeking some African man to sweep them off their feet should be rest assured that they would be doing the rest of the sweeping, cooking and contending with the next MBGN winner that moves in your gender equal manor.


One thought on “The Cake

  1. Lool.. Well, I don’t know about a lot of other women but I want my cake and I want to eat it, too. I won’t deny women can be cunny and usually smarter but the truth is, No matter what and how much power we hold, we will always be referred to as the “weaker sex”. But then again, no matter what names we are called without us, the world will be no where without a woman. We birth the world! *drops mic*

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