When we are given back a piece of what we have paid, a token to even the scales, some method to say ‘well its not ALL in there’ but here’s the value’s worth. Change is a lower denomination of a legal tender, some lower ranking officer in the grand scale of money. Change can also be a divergence from regularities and a spontaneous curiosity driven thrift, it can be as trivial as your preferred morning beverage or as serious as who leads you (and your family, friends and foe) for the next four years. so while propaganda is fun to trifle with, be warned for entertainment has a way of being ‘famous’ – Donald Trump leads in the republican ticket race to the white house. I know it seems like a laughable aspiration, but be warned I once thought there was no way a man that truncated democracy, violated human rights and organized the capture and deportation of a man in a crate would one day win an election in the same country he executed a coup in. Well some marry their rapist I guess.

Recently someone told me “Karma is a bitch….right?” with a smirk and half a conviction, in their semi righteous state I was left with a quizzing desire. It didn’t last long for the half smile was familiar, I had seem that smile somewhere before, I could relate to it all so well like I was part of the makings of that very expression. Then it hit me ‘Beowulf‘! the hypocritical chanting of a compromised man and the smile from the other who knew for a fact that their common adversary was “No Hag”. He smiled with relief as it came to his awareness that the burden/curse was no longer his to bear, another ‘fool’ as he was, has fallen prey for the same ‘hag’. How consoling it was to know that the same karma propagated has a boomerang effect…regardless, how exonerated I felt from all my sins. Point? Don’t do a job that isn’t yours, vengeance is purely for the President and Dasukigate is purely for our entertainment.

So change it be that we regenerate names of fabled organizations, stories I have saved to tell my children at bedtime, not only to scare them into a religious belief, but also to humorously reminisce on those times. Well legend lives in this parts, as War Against Indiscipline has been given a Disney remake (and no I don’t mean Maleficent) tagged Kick Against Indiscipline, the acronym says it all.

Elections loom in Rivers State and we have scampered like rats off a sinking ship to various ports of exit, sat in one I am, waiting for the ever prompt (sarcasm) aeroplane contractors show up. In this state of tranquil nothingness (as there isn’t much to do in waiting lounges) I have chosen the release of expressing my view of change, as I am so doing now. BUT! there is a man clad in a green T-shirt, brown loafers and blue jeans who has paced by my side at least 23 times, each time making me more uncomfortable with his hand clamped to his face and his cologne announcing his approach each time. Maybe its just me, but I find this very disturbing, stay in one place or go on the tar-mark if the need to pace overwhelms you. Which kian winch be this? Thank god dem don call him flight, make dem call the flight of all those pacers in your life, the ones that attribute climate change to the rise in the US dollar rate to the Naira.

So Jumoke sold bread to the runway, others made a journey from Bayelsa to Kano without any bearing of mental consciousness, another made a record breaking 5.0 CGPA from the university of Lagos and freeze just had to be freeze.

Abeg dem don call my flight, there is indeed change, or as Senator Bruce would say ‘Chains’ for I’m just trying to make common sense.




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