There is no thing certain in life, except death and taxes. Well at least in Nigeria its death, we know how to die. Every so often some sudden mysterious and spectacular passing occurs, it arouses our spiritual questioning and tugs at the core essence of our existence – for when faced with loss, we gain […]

Just do it!!

The sound of fireworks and the sight of confetti drowned out the gloom faces of the Les Etalons. In our usual fashion we “wumbled and fumbled to the cup” a nation, egotistic in definition, for we are the giant of Africa, indeed we account for the most populous nation in the continent. In all that […]


We were made in his image so call us by our (last) names, when the common denominator is taken away and class is categorised, we edge gradually but steadily away from the co-existence that was ‘initially’ designed. Apologies for the silence in recent times, apparently the yellow network isn’t ‘everywhere you go’. In the absence […]


5am start, the alarm buzzes (Bruno Mars – Locked out of Heaven). Start generator, fix breakfast, switch the water heater on, wait 15mins, catch up on the news, sipping the hot beverage. Water hot, jump in shower, choose the outfit, and pick up essentials – Keys, phone and wallet. Dash out, car washed, engine warm, […]


Finally, the sound of controlled explosions has seized and the Christmas trees have found their way back in their boxes (and bins). The euphoria is over, work has begun and the weather is in sync with our pockets, for it is dry. In this state of chasing payday, some find solace in tinkering with things […]

Mediocre Morals

Poverty is a state of mind; this void is a manifestation of preconceived notions of societal acceptance. For we are not poor, but poor of mind, poor in our hearts and paupers of the soul, a cocktail of borrowed doctrines and a dash of greed. My fellow sane Nigerians when will this virus be vaccinated, […]

Penny Royal Tea

As much as I would like to start the year with some positivity, it is just lacking. Residue remains of the previous year; 5 persons charged with rape (and eventual murder) of a 23yr old med student in New Delhi, that just put India down the list of places I want to be, regardless of […]